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:iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal::iconviva-la-vanndal:<<<<<<<<<<< please visit my official account

i have just made this account, so there's still nothing in there..but i do hope i get some viewers in there sometime :)

as for this account...i am turning this account into a RMD compilation account along with my practice works, etc...

oh! and please visit my twin sister: :iconvivalalixi:
she has beautiful works! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

i'm happy to state in this journal that the problem has been resolved! :D
hooray to :iconyuumei:


after hearing this news, i simply couldn't just sit here and do nothing...
i just had to rant about this here!! >.<

apparently, a shameless thief who calls herself an artist stole the work of an incredibly awesome artist :iconyuumei: and claimed it as her own...
a plain case of art theft u think?

think again!!!

this so called "artist" won AWARDSSSSS for this stolen art work and is getting recognized for it but sadly, the organization doesen't give a shit about it...

more info here!…

art theft is not a simple case to be taken lightly and i intend to help stop it in any way i can...
i hope yuumei-chan gets her justice and that Kasey Bowman (the art thief) gets what's coming to her..
she does not deserve those awards and recognition..
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i'm adopting you as my twin sister whether you like it or not! ^_^

let me introduce you to my DA twin sister:
but she has better works than

====================== ~ =====================

i would like to thank :iconvivalalixi: :glomp:
for inviting me (and wouldn't stop until i'd give in) to DA.. good friend
told me i should make a DA account..

and she introduced me to SAI paint tool.. :la:
i don't quite know how to work it out yet..but i'll find out
soon once i have time.. :meow:

i'll try to do more works using SAI, but i'm usually a Photoshop user

oh! and please visit my RMD account..
i have more works there:…